How to set a Rust headerimage

How to correctly create and set a Rust header image

This is a simple task and is performed in the server.cfg

Rust allows you to add a header image for your server! The header image is a great way to show what your server is about before a player joins and a catchy header image can help boost your player numbers. The header image appears when you click on the server in the in-game Rust server list.

  1. Create your header image using a tool like Photoshop or
  2. Ensure the image 512x256 and of a .png format. If you are just using a stock image use an online image resizer tool.
  3. Edit the server.cfg and find the line server.headerimage "<insert url here>           this is what you will need to be replacing
  4. Upload the image to a site like
  5. Right-click the image and click "copy image url"

For this toy apply the rust game server will need to be restarted else you can update ingame via running the command server.headerimage <imgur direct image link>


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