Setting Your Rust Header Image

There are two ways to go about setting a Rust Header Image.

Rust allows you to add a header image for your server! The header image is a great way to show what your server is about before a player joins and a catchy header image can help boost your player numbers. The header image appears when you click on the server in the in-game Rust server list.


The simplest way to apply a Rust header image would be to navigate to the Startup tab of your server, and paste your link in the "Server Image Tab".

The secondary way would be to use the "server.cfg" file.

  1. Click the File Manager button in the panel.
  2. Navigate to /server, then /rust, then /cfg and finally click the server.cfg file.
  3. Anywhere in the file you should type server.headerimage "<replacehere>" replacing <replacehere> with a direct link to your image.
    1. We recommend using Imgur to upload your image. Make sure it's direct, ending in .png or .jpg.


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